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Smart lock module program I (mass production program 22)

Introduction: Welcome to the "Mass Production Plan" of China exportsemi net, here we will show you the latest and hottest mass production plans of Chinese local manufacturers. If you are interested in this, feel free to contact us for more information (china.exportsemi@ehaitech.com).

In today's rapid development of intelligent technology, micro smart lock module is gradually becoming the focus of the Internet of Things security field. As people's quality of life and security requirements continue to improve, traditional locks have gradually failed to meet the needs of modern people for convenience, intelligence and security. In this article, China exportsemi net will introduce a leading miniature smart lock module program, combining the most advanced technology and innovative design, bringing users a new intelligent security experience.

The smart lock module program with a small and exquisite appearance, so that it can be flexibly applied to a variety of product design. The module adopts Bluetooth connectivity solution and supports APPs such as XinYijiu, Tencent Connect, and Graffiti Intelligence.

Figure 1: Appearance of miniature smart lock module solution (mass production solution 22)

Figure 2: Parameters of the miniature smart lock module scheme (mass production solution 22)

CoreLink, which provides the solution, focuses on the four directions of intelligent display, intelligent vision, intelligent interconnection, and software customization services. The team has the ability to integrate resources in the whole chain of hardware design, PCBA delivery, embedded software R&D, application software customization (Android, iOS apps, Web), and server supporting integration. Based on its huge customer base of upstream technical resources and downstream market channels, the company plays the competitive advantage of value-added technology to provide solutions and technical services for various customers.

If you are interested or have questions about this program, feel free to contact us and explain your appeal: china.exportsemi@ehaitech.com

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