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Anhui XDLK

Anhui Xindong Lianke Microsystems Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. Based on the semiconductor industry accumulation, original micro-nano structure design, advanced MEMS technology, unique packaging solutions and modern management models and perfect talent accumulation, integration Integrated circuits and the traditional high-end inertial industry promote the development of inertial sensors, pressure sensors and other sensors towards intelligence, miniaturization, ease of use, localization and IC. It solves the main contradiction that traditional sensors cannot meet the requirements of modern unmanned platforms for sensor intelligence, miniaturization and low cost, and solves the contradiction that the performance of existing MEMS sensors cannot meet the high-performance needs of intelligent unmanned platforms (autonomous driving, robots).

Since the establishment of the company, its products have been widely used in industrial production, industrial equipment monitoring and maintenance, unmanned system navigation and control, ocean monitoring, weather forecasting, water and underwater unmanned equipment navigation and control, oil exploration, surveying and mapping, bridges monitoring, geological exploration, disaster early warning and other fields, and has been unanimously recognized and ordered in bulk by customers from many countries in various fields. Looking forward to the future, the company will further explore markets such as autonomous driving, robotics, civil aviation, and commercial aerospace, and provide more intelligent, lower-cost, and more miniaturized sensor products and solutions to a wider range of customers.

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